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My story

My nickname is Sprog 🤩 (she/her) and I was a theatrical actress for twelve years as well as half of a double act on London’s comedy circuit.

I’ve also worked as a chicken keeper in Bethlehem, a dish-washer in Tel Aviv, a bricklayer in St. Tropez, a night club dancer in Milan, a barmaid all over the world and searched for crocodiles on the Amazon in Peru.

Then, following my own experiences of homelessness in London, Florence and Rome, I helped to run an Eco-Village on derelict land in London with the direct-action group: The Land Is Ours

This sun and wind-powered wonderland helped more than 200 homeless people build homes, grow vegetables and manifest an urban, eco-friendly Shangri-La…
Until the police burnt down our houses in a dawn eviction and Utopia was done. And I became a key-worker in a 78-bed hostel for street-homeless men.

The ensuing years of bedlam, arson and overdoses inspired me to write a film script that was miraculously optioned by September Films… and BOOM my new addiction was screenwriting.
And I set up “The Fabulous Creative Writing Group” that I ran for ten years for folk with substance use and mental health issues.

Alison Wilkie

I’ve taken courses with Raindance, at a Writer’s Lab in Greece and with Euroscript in Morocco and like to tell tales about unhinged mavericks, impossible love affairs and dangerous obsessions.
I also like running with my dog, drinking at the beach, anything red and big shoes.

And I read tarot cards over here.

My scripts that need a producer…

6×60 TV comedydrama
episode one:


When a rookie tarot reader sees a death in the cards and is wrongly arrested for murder, she sets out to catch the real killer – and ends up saving his life.
[Full script or treatment available on request]

Alison Wilkie, screenwriter

6×60 TV drama series
episode one:

Forbidden Love

A maverick social worker grapples with the chaos of running a hectic homeless hostel while trying to avoid getting fired for her forbidden romance with the resident bad boy. But a violent kidnapper threatens to blow her cover.
[Full script or treatment available on request]

Alison Wilkie, screenwriter HOPE HOUSE

A feel-good comedy film

A pregnant barmaid casts a spell to make her rubbish man ready for fatherhood, but discovers her dream of the perfect man is really her worst nightmare.
[Full script or treatment available on request]


A dark romantic comedy film

An actress who takes extraordinary measures to attain size zero is forced to hide her hideous habit when she falls in love.
[Full script or treatment available on request]

SIZE MATTERS by Alison Wilkie,

My scripts in progress…

A comedy road-trip film

Two of life’s losers get on the wrong bus and end up transforming their lives. Sort of.
[Treatment available on request]

Alison Wilkie, screenwriter


From Barrie Keeffe
(writer of The Long Good Friday)

I highly recommend Alison Wilkie as a writer of real dedication and promise. As her tutor at the Skyros Writers Lab I was impressed by two film scripts she had already written and a third HOW NOT TO CHANGE YOUR BOYFRIEND, which she completed whilst in Greece.
Not only has she flair in creating characters and writing witty and telling dialogue, but she also has a fine sense of structure. She has proved she can go the distance, responds well to criticism and works very hard at her writing which she takes most seriously. She is also a joy to work with.

From Paul Viragh
(writer of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll)

SIZE MATTERS is an original and well-crafted piece with great potential. Two of the toughest jobs facing the modern writer are to come up with ideas people haven’t heard before and tackle subjects which are considered taboo in a surprising way. Alison Wilkie’s Size Matters does both and the writing jumps off the page.


SIZE MATTERS by Alison Wilkie won first prize in Our Lot Studios Screenwriting Competition.

HOW NOT TO CHANGE YOUR BOYFRIEND by Alison WIlkie made the semi-finals of Screenwriting Goldmine Competition.

And TOUGH LOVE (an urban drama about an idealistic social worker hell-bent on saving her self-destructive fiance from himself) by Alison Wilkie made the semi-finals of BlueCat Screenwriting Competition.

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